FLAMTEK ENTERPRISE PORTAL profile cutting machines

The Flamtek Enterprise Portal is the result of years of constant development and utilises a unique floating beam design resulting in consistent smooth reliable cutting. It utilises the latest Burny Dagger NC with a 14" touch screen on oxy fuel and conventional plasma machines and the Burny Phantom with A.C. drives on high density plasma systems
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CAD/CAM SOFTWARE profile cutting machines

C-CUT - PC-based CAD/CAM cutting software. C-Cut is your total solution for PC-based programming software whether requiring a simple DXF translator or full auto-nesting with advanced management reports. C-Cut is split into convenient levels and upgrading later, to a higher level if your requirements change, is just an option code away. . . . read more >>

FLAMTEK ENTERPRISE JUNIOR profile cutting machines

The Flamtek Enterprise Junior is a cost effective 2 axis version of our Enterprise Portal machine and uses the same Burny Dagger NC with 14" touch screen. The machine is ruggedly constructed and is compatible with both oxy fuel and standard plasma cutting systems. Rack and pinion PWM drives are used in both axis, for up to 12M/minute
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RETROFITS profile cutting machines

Are you contemplating retrofitting your existing profile cutting machine to upgrade the old electronic control and to add CNC but wish to retain the original sturdy structure of the frame and rails?
Are you considering fitting a plasma system to your machine or generally upgrade your cutting machine
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FLAMTEK PIPE profile cutting machines

The Flamtek Pipe allows continuously welded seam pipe to be cut to fabricate branches, bends, tees etc. uto-nesting with advanced management reports. The machine uses motorised rollers to turn the pipe and a motorised longitudinal torch to accurately cut the pipe into the correct profile
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PARTS & SERVICING profile cutting machines

Does your existing profile cutting machine require a repair, a service or spare parts? Perhaps the cutting head posts are worn out and require replacement? Has the tracing system become unreliable resulting in the scrapping of valuable plate? Flamtek can help you and provide you with the perfect solution. . . . read more >>