C-Cut nested plate C-Cut nested plate


C-CUT : PC-based CAD/CAM cutting software

C-Cut is your total solution for PC-based programming software whether requiring a simple DXF translator or full auto-nesting with advanced management reports. C-Cut is split into convenient levels and upgrading later, to a higher level if your requirements change, is just an option code away.

C-Cut Starter

Import a DXF file from your CAD and convert it to a CNC file the machine can read.

C-Cut Lite

Design you shapes on the built-in CAD, add lead-in and lead-outs to produce a CNC file. The CAD has many advanced features such as cutting text to any boundary and cutting from artwork or photographs via bitmap files.

C-Cut Level 1

Store the shapes you produce with a material type and thickness in an organised library. Now select quantities of these parts with common attributes and manually nest (arrange) them onto a plate. Boundaries are automatically maintained and you can rotate/mirror image to produce an efficient use of material. Finally chose from a wider range of style of leadin/out and automatically with manual override add a cutter path to your nest and create a CNC file.

C-Cut Level 2 Advanced manual

Adds more manual nesting and cutting features and a plates and remnants (off-cuts) library to keep stock of your material. Remnants are automatically created if the plate isn't fully used after nesting.

C-Cut Level 2 Full automatic

Adds true shape automatic nesting to speed up the nesting process.

C-Cut Level 2 Professional

Combines advanced manual and full auto to make a truly powerfull production tool.

C-Cut Level 3

A fully customisable information system to produce data on time, cost, weights etc.

Find out more and request a demo download at www.C-Cut.com