Enterprise Junior profile cutting machine with Burny Dagger and 2 oxy fuel heads Flamtek Pipe profile cutting machine


Flamtek Pipe

The Flamtek Pipe allows continuously welded seam pipe to be cut to fabricate branches, bends, tees etc.

The machine uses motorised rollers to turn the pipe and a motorised longitudinal torch to accurately cut the pipe into the correct profile. Please note that this results in a cut perpendicular to the pipe, no beveled edge is possible.

Programming by C-Cut is simply achieved by adding two dimensional parts created in it's standard development shapes to the length of the pipe thus allowing several parts to be cut in one go.

The standard machine handles sections from 75mm to 500mm in diameter to a length of 6m but custom sizes can also be cut. Fumes are extracted from within the pipe being cut.

Flamtek Pipe profile cutting machine Flamtek Pipe cutting metal cylinders